9-Volt Batteries for Smoke Alarms

Do your smoke alarm batteries reach their low point at the same time mine do, after you go to bed and the smoke alarm starts chirping? Or do you have a smoke alarm in a hall stairway where it is challenging to place a ladder on the stairs to replace the battery?

Then you probably want to use lithium batteries, rather than a standard alkaline battery. I have had UltraLife Long-Life U9VL 9-volt lithium batteries last 3 to 4 years in a standard smoke detector. Other brands also make 9-volt lithium batteries (e.g., Energizer Ultimate Lithium). Your local Ace Hardware or True Value Hardware store will likely carry at least one brand of lithium 9-volt battery.

Warning: Don't be fooled by wording on the packages such as "guaranteed 10 years in storage", "10 year", or "10 year shelf life". Note that manufacturers sometimes deceptively place the number of years in a large font size and "in storage" or "shelf life" in a smaller font size. That number represents the length of time the manufacturer claims they will last in the original packaging, not how long they last in use!

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