Window Repair

We enjoy repairing and restoring old windows. Yes, we'll replace the putty (known in the trade as glazing), replace the broken sash cord with sash chains (so you'll never have to have them fixed again!), and strip away the layers of paint. You'll be amazed at how much you'll enjoy looking out your restored windows!

Interior Painting

Does the look of your room bother you? Is your room color boring? We'll make it look nice so you'll enjoy being in the room.

Do you have chemical sensitivities? Are your concerned about the ingredients in regular paints? We offer environmentally friendly and low VOC paints.

Babies and Children's Rooms

We recommend the most environmentally friendliest and safest paints for childen's rooms.

As a result your child's room is both safe and enjoyable.

Custom Built Bookshelves and Bookcases

Do you need to get rid of your book clutter?

Do you need to stop wasting your precious time searching for your books?

Do you need to consolidate and organize all your books into a single wall or room?

What we do is: As a result:

Alden Morse and Norman Daoust of Avest Home Repair and Painting will assist you in designing the bookshelves or bookcases that will really meet your needs! Contact us for a no obligation consultation. It'll be the first step to making your dreams come true!


Yes, we do drywall/sheetrock and plaster wall and ceiling repair as well as most other home repair and maintenance tasks so you'll enjoy relaxing in your house!

Lead Safe Work Practices

We're concerned about your health and safety as well as our own. That's why we employ lead safe work practices. We provide you with a list of precautions we'll use in your project. You can view our completion certificate (requires Adobe Reader available from Adobe Reader Web site) from a Lead-Based Paint Training Program for Renovators and Remodelers.

In addition, our Links page includes a link to important lead safety information from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


If you don't see a solution to your problem, just contact us. If we can't do it, we'll try to recommend a reliable contractor that can!

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